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vi•bol•o•gy noun \vī-bˈä-lə-jē\
A branch of knowledge that deals with lifestyle and the phenomena of social encounters; the forms of life energy, style and ambiance in a place, its impact on people’s behavior and interaction, and the study thereof. A vibologist is a “lifestyle scientist,” devoted to and producing results in vibology through the study of lifestyle.

michaelD: Social Evangelist. Lover of life and lifestyle. Curious George. Family Man. NY transplant…and creator of the science of “vibology.”

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Movie Passes: For Colored Girls
This one is a no-brainer. And in writer/director Tyler Perry’s words, “You don’t have to be a colored girl to be able to relate to and enjoy this movie.” [CNN] UPDATE: Really not my style. Touchy feely “chic flicks” (ok, not my favorite term) are never my first choice (don’t usually make the list actually), and this one was well…kind of a sleeper to me. The mixture of dialogue with poetic moments didn’t work for me, and disrupted the pace of the movie. Even without that, something was missing, although it had its powerful moments. As for Janet, she’s not as good an actor as entertainer…yet. Women, you be the judge. Men…stay away. UPDATE: WSJ article…Holds Up at Box Office
Reward: Free admission for 2
Wine Tasting & Networking: VIN12 | The Zinfandel and Pinot Noir Event!
I’ve been to a few of these. They’re surprisingly refreshing and increasingly diverse. One thing’s for sure, $25 is a bargain and $15 admission is a steal. With a sizeable wine selection and $2 tacos, you won’t find a better value anywhere. It’s a great way to end the day, and with a 5:30p start time, it makes for a perfect prelude to dinner. Top notch dining in the area: Bix & Coi. One thing…this event attacts a younger crowd. Not young, just younger. I’m guessing a 30-40 avg.
Reward: $15 (reg. $25)…save $10
Dining: Ozumo Restaurant
This is one of those deals that you’re going to wish you had taken advantage of after it expires…expecially when Christmas rolls around and you need that last minute gift for a sushi lover. Ozumo Oakland is a great looking restaurant right in the middle of Oakland’s new Uptown Dining District. After Ozumo, try Pican next door, Plum caticorner or Mua…a couple of easy blocks down Broadway.
Reward: Receive $25 additional value FREE on every $50 gift card purchase.
Movie Passes: Night Catches Us
I don’t know much about this one…yet, but the price is right.
Reward: Free admission for 2
Performing Arts: San Francisco Ballet’s The Nutcracker
The Nutcracker is well…The Nutcracker. There are some that attend every year. That’s a bit much for me as I’m not very good at repeats…of anything. But that being said, the San Francisco Ballet does it like no other. In fact, they have some special Family Performances that are pretty cool…for the kids, and the child in you. Plus, the first 500 children to arrive receive a special gift!
Reward: Save $30 off Nutcracker matinee and evening performances
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