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April 18, 2012
June 21, 2012
September 22, 2012

PROJECT: New Speaker Series – Launch, Marketing, Strategic Relationships

CHALLENGE: Market the launch of a new speaker series (The Forum: Conversations at YBCA) intended to increase awareness of YBCA among Bay Area African American professionals, attract them to the institution and create a comfortable environment in which to initiate the cultivation of future potential visitors, members and donors.

SOLUTION: (1) Utilize an established and extensive database to reach Bay African American professionals through email marketing. (2) Leverage relationships with professional, community and social organizations having an affinity to the guest speakers, to enlist them as Supporting organizations. This increased the attractiveness of the event and created additional promotional channels. (3) Add a VIP Leadership Reception component to the event, allowing the guest speaker, organization leaders and YBCA management to network, further enhancing cultivation and relationship development, a primary objective. (4) Leverage mDc brand awareness and goodwill by additional participation as an event sponsor.

IMPACT: Rare audience of arts & culture influencers, increasing community “buzz” regarding the speaker series and awareness of YBCA, YBCA membership sales

MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS • michaelD. communications has been pivotal in the successful launch and continuation of a new guest speakers series specifically targeting the Bay Area’s culturally-active African American community. This is a firm that knows how to get results through it’s extensive reach into this highly coveted niche audience.Charles Ward, Senior Director of External AffairsYBCA