Turning Point

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The Turning Point Vitality Report is a die cut, multi-page booklet detailing where Turning Point’s been, and where it plans to go.

The square saddle-stitched brochure is broken up into three sections: Content Production, International Outreach and Radio & Television Broadcast. Each section is color-coded and utilizes dynamic yet simple info-graphics to reinforce the information presented in the content of the brochure.

Natural imagery depicting momentum and energy was chosen to bring the piece to life. A spot UV coating over the image strip on the cover dramatically contrasts the matte finish of the darkened areas and the title of the report. This duality offsets the vibrant, rich pictures depicting sun rays, roaring rapids and powerful waterfalls throughout the booklet.

The Vitality Report is targeted at those who support Turning Point and its efforts around the globe, with a mission of encouraging them to move forward with energy and momentum to the next phase in the organizations journey.