Byrnt Organics


bYRNt Organics is an organic clothing company located in Half Moon Bay, California specializing in high-end denim clothing.

As a high-end organic denim company, former Major League Baseball star Eric Byrnes and his wife needed a website that reflected what bYRNt Organics was all about – Earth, Comfort, and Style. Using actual scans of the clothing to create the graphic elements, the website firmly established the brand’s principles. Reenforcing the brand’s core values was the color palette of earthy, warm tones that enhance the visual design. Bringing it all together is a UI/UX design that focuses on making the experience comfortable and enjoyable for customers.

The overall scope of the project included web development and website management with an e-commerce shopping cart. Some styling tweaks and functionality adjustments were needed, but the experience of shopping on the site is seamless allowing for more transactions and satisfied customers. Search engine optimization and online marketing efforts were employed to allow for maximum exposure online.