WEBSITE & SOCIAL PROPERTIES RE-DESIGN wanted to emerge from a change in focus with a new look and feel that evoked warmth, personality and trust.

The company went through a rebranding and site re-design that saw a complete shift in its approach to the consumer. Gone were the cold blues and rigid lines of the previous website and marketing collateral. In their place were warm, organic colors, clean lines and white space, a human element throughout bright, bold imagery, and an entirely new logo and identity to coincide with the company’s mantra — everything you need to help grow your business.

The UI/UX and visual design strongly reinforce the new core values of the company’s new brand approach. A clean, simple interface was supplemented with bold info-graphics and elegant effects accomplished through the latest in CSS, JQuery and Javascript.

In addition, new marketing collateral, sales presentations and office decor were created to coincide with the new brand.

The rebranding was not limited to the main company website, but also reached throughout the company’s social media properties.