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We have developed a special relationship with our email audience, based on a foundation of quality, trust and engagement. For our clients, this translates into enhanced brand positioning, increased awareness and spontaneous conversions. Our extensive database includes centers of influence at all levels, developed through a long history of working with numerous arts/cultural institutions, community/social/business organizations, artists, small businesses, large corporations, venues, promoters and event planners throughout the Bay Area.

theREGISTRY Bay Area eNews – African American Arts, Culture, Tech & Lifestyle

mdc-registry-logoOver 10 years in existence,’s popular one-of-a-kind San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area enewsletter features arts, culture and technology events and information of African American origin. The electronic publication serves over 25,000 opt-in subscribers weekly.
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Extensive database (all sectors) – consumers, centers of influence, leaders
It’s not just how many, it’s who. Our loyal subscribers are active, educated, and affluent, yielding high conversion rates. Most importantly, they trust us.

Region: Bay Area (San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose/Sacramento)
Ethnicity: 72% African American, 21% Caucasian, 7% Other | Avg Age Range: 35-65yrs • Income: $60k–$175k+ • Gender: 70% Female | 30% Male
Weekly Distribution: 25,000

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IGNITE eNews: weekly, Thursdays (partial view)


Dedicated Eblasts
High visibility. Proven success.
Your event/announcement featured in an eblast to responsive high conversion subscribers. You’re in the spotlight.
Distribution: Bay Area – 15,000-140,000 [VIEW EXAMPLES] | National – 1.5 million. See National Advertising tab above.

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Extensive database (all sectors) – consumers, centers of influence, leaders

Region: Bay Area (San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose/Sacramento)
Ethnicity: 85% African American, 10% Caucasian, 5% Other | Avg Age Range: 30-65yrs • Income: $60k–$150k+ • Gender: 65% Female, 35% Male
Distribution: Bay Area – 15,000-140,000 [view examples] | National – 1.5 million. See National Advertising tab above
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mDc has assembled the African American Electronic Media Network (AAEMN), a grouping of online properties and email marketing outlets which together total 1.5 million subscribers in 15 markets nationwide.

Did you know…
Email subscribers are particularly responsive due to the self-selected opt-in nature of direct e-marketing. Consumers that request information (e.g. weekly e-news) from a media outlet are far more likely to read, respond and take action as compared to unsolicited offers. Additionally, regional e-marketers tend to have a much more intimate and trusting relationship with their audience.

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aaemn (chart)

[i] General income range is mid to upper, and average age is 32-36
[ii] Source: taken from 2008 Census Bureau estimates
[iii] Figures represent major media in the region

Opens + Click-Throughs = Conversions

Mobile Email Opens and Clicks Peak Around Meal Time | TailoredMail
Best Times to Send Email for Opens and Click-Throughs | Get Response | View infographic
Opt-In Emails Get Most Opens Within First Hour Of Delivery, But Timing Counts | Get Response
Email campaigns must be aligned with consumer shopping preferences for optimal conversion | Yesmail
• Evening – an email marketers time to shine | Pure360

Make no mistake. Email marketing is both science and strategy. But, it depends.

Get Response
Get Response
12a – 6a Of 5.9% Sent:
6.3% Open • 2.2% CTR
2a – 6a 41% Sent
2% Shop
6a – 8a Mobile:
14% opens/clicks
6a – 10a 31% Sent
3% Shop
6a – 12p Of 38.7% Sent:
7.1% Open • 1.5% CTR
8a, 9a 6.7% Open,
6.8% Click
9a – 10a
10a – 12p No
10a – 2p 17% Sent
14% Shop
12p – 2p Mobile:
9% opens/clicks
12p – 6p Of 25.8% Sent:
10.6% Open • 2.2% CTR
2p – 6p 6% Sent
13% Shop
3p  6.8% Open,
6.2% CTR
4p 6.0% Open
6p – 9p  Mobile:
12% opens/clicks
6p – 10p 5% Sent
39% Shop
6p – 12a Of 29.6% Sent:
8.3% Open • 2.4% CTR
8p  5.7% CTR
10p – 2a 0% Sent
9% Shop

TailoredMail: Measures email open and click behavior via mobile devices
Get Response: (1) Analyzes open and CTR rates for Sent emails, and (2) responses to times of day overall.
Yesmail: Measures when emails are typically sent vs when consumers prefer to shop online
Pure360: Best time of day to send emails
[MailerMailer Email Marketing Metrics Report]

Community Outreach and Engagement
Community OutreachContact. Enlighten. Engage.
Our success is grounded in the strength of our community relationships, giving our outreach efforts the ability to provide a pivital boost to your marketing campaign. After 10 years of business in the Bay Area we have developed a reliable and comprehensive database of business, community, cultural and social organizations throughout the African American community, and most importantly, the ability to interface with key leaders and centers of influence quickly and effectively.

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African American organizations (leaders, centers of influence)
Advertising and distribution to leaders and centers of influence at Bay Area arts/cultural, social, community and professional organizations. We encourage these leaders to distribute our emails to their widest email database (members, friends and associates).
Distribution: 500+ leaders

African American organization (active support)
Strategic outreach to selected arts/cultural, social, community and professional organizations requesting their participation as listed Supporters or Endorsers of an event or initiative.  See YBCA examples. Through personal contact with the organizations arrangements are made for distribution of promotional emails to their widest email database (members, friends and associates), announcements at organization meetings and inclusion of collateral materials in event program books.
Distribution: 350+ organizations

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aaen logoEmployee Resource Groups (leaders, centers of influence)
Email distribution to leaders of active African American Employee Resource Groups within Bay Area corporations. Leaders are encouraged to distribute our emails to employees within their organizations. Learn more about the African American Employee Network.
Distribution: 30 Bay Area corporations

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Packaged Email Solutions
With over 10 years of experience in the Bay Area, we are known for our creative advertising solutions. Our success is based on the success of your campaign. In addition to access to a vast database of active consumers, we offer contact list management, personalized emails, automatic follow up emails, segmentation and campaign tracking and reporting.

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