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Michael DeFlorimonte, Principal | Marketing & Client Relations

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Dan Seiden | Information Technology (IT)

Geeky. Efficient. Practical. It takes me an incredible amount of time to write something…anything. But, I know my stuff.

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Ben Monson | Graphics

Creative (duh). Grounded. Funny. You want me to write something about myself? Never. Trust me, I’m good…very good. Ask my daughter. 🙂

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Scott Diehl | Web Development

Bright. Patient. Humble. You barely got a picture out of me for the summary page. Here’s the same one in color. Corny I know, but I’m the youngest of the bunch and at the time of this posting not even married a year yet. Gimme a break. Now you want me to write something about myself? Can I write it …

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Nancy Federice | Data Management


Precise. Patient. Thorough. ancy, the group’s data wrangler, helps companies control their information and streamline their workflows. She synthesizes client’s needs and develops tools to illuminate the data’s value. Hours formerly lost in cobbling together numbers can now be better spent in analysis and action. Nancy’s passion is helping companies answer their business questions as efficiently as possible. She’s applied …

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James Adams | Photography

Understated. Knowledgeable. Precise. If a picture can speak a thousand words, an image can inspire a thousand thoughts and invoke a thousand emotions. James’ world is the creation of images that capture moments in time as seen, or imagined. Often there is an image hidden in just a small portion of an entire scene. His mission is to find that …

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Pam Davis | Public Relations

Detailed. Persuasive. Experienced. Many people remember Pamela Davis as the anchor for the number one weekend newscast on KFMB, Channel 8 (San Diego). While there, she covered many national stories and was featured as a correspondent on CNN, HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel”, and the CBS news magazine “48 Hours”. In addition to the rigorous duty of covering the …

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