[Lifestyle] 25% drop in African American population in Oakland (California)

[Lifestyle] 25% drop in African American population in Oakland (California)

VIBE: I’ll lead you to the article that follows as long as you promise you won’t allow your biggest take away to be based on one former Oaklander’s (Stephen Shaw) experience. 

The there’s this statement — “African American ministers and politicians point to a variety of factors that have led people to leave Oakland for cities like Stockton, Fairfield, Antioch and Sacramento. A lower cost of living, the lure of jobs, frustration with schools and the search for safer communities all played key roles.” All this amongst an ongoing 

Also, a caption on one of the article’s photos states, “Many African Americans have left Oakland for the suburbs.” Oakland has suburbs. They’re called the Oakland Hills. 

Oakland, whose thriving African American community for decades shaped black identity for the nation, lost nearly a quarter of its black population in the past decade, U.S. Census data shows.

Now, Oakland has nearly as many white people as it does African American. It also has nearly as many Latinos.

The exodus left the city with a net loss of 33,000 African American residents and made Oakland one of the few big California cities to decline in size. Oakland, which had the second largest overall population decline in the state, lost about 2 percent of its population, which now stands at 390,724. Only Santa Ana lost more residents.

African Americans have been moving in large numbers from urban areas to the suburbs and beyond for the past two decades in California. But the migration has particular significance in Oakland.