DMC Green

DMC Green

PROJECT: Public Affairs – Awareness and Legitimacy Campaign to Aid Funding for Start Up Entity

CHALLENGE: Help a small startup with limited resources gain legitimacy and quality funding in a cost efficient manner.

SOLUTION: Extensive research revealed ongoing grant funding opportunities at the Federal, State and Regional level.  Securing this funding would allow company to attract third party investment dollars.  Using on-line media and targeted lobbying of key elected officials and regulators created awareness and key support for grant efforts.  Authored comprehensive grant applications in response to RFP’s leveraging letters of support from electeds and regulatory agencies.  Identified relevant banking entities that would allow company to leverage grant for favorable investment terms.

IMPACT: Company secured $1.1 mm in regional grant funding, $400K in Dept of Energy grant funding and received commitment from California Energy Commission for $5.7 mm in matching dollars.  Substantive negotiations initiated with multiple investment banks for additional funding.

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